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About the Ben Ledi View newspaper

Founded in 1987, the Ben Ledi View is a free community newspaper produced and distributed by volunteers for the benefit and enjoyment of residents of and visitors to Callander in Perthshire, Scotland, UK. It is named after Ben Ledi, the 867m hill that towers over the town.

Ten editions, each consisting of approximately 36-to-40pp, are published per year - one per month, excluding August and January. Print and running costs are funded by almost entirely by advertising.

Current distribution is 1,950 with a copy hand-delivered to every household and most businesses in the Callander area. A large print edition is also produced and distributed to visually impaired residents.

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  • Our publisher
    The paper is published by the Ben Ledi View Community Newspaper SCIO, a non-profit voluntary association formed to promote community spirit and provide a free means of communication for local people and community organisations. The Ben Ledi View Community Newspaper is registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), registration number SC043744.
    An award-winning paper
    The BLV has three times been named Community Newspaper of the Year (2008, 2010 and 2011) by the Stirling Community Newspaper Forum. Several of our contributors have won awards in an individual capacity for their work for the paper.
    The first ever edition of the Ben Ledi View (see left) was published in May 1987. Edited by Ken Dunn and Maryanne Ure, the launch issue ran to eight pages and its cover story heralded the announcement by Stirling Council that St Kessog's Church (at that point disused) was to be converted into what became Callander's Visitors' Centre.

BLV Production

Produced in Callander by Callander for Callander...

The BLV has undergone several facelifts over the years, and Callander's incorporation into the National Park has necessitated a broadening of the editorial remit. Since the early days, Callander has grown and the community has become increasingly diverse. Nevertheless, those aims set out in the first issue remain as close to our hearts as ever. We are committed to equality and the paper exists to disseminate information about community-related news, concerns and events fairly, without discrimination on grounds of age, race, colour, creed, gender, disability or orientation.

Unlike commercial papers, we rely on the community to provide the paper's content: if we don't cover something it's usually because we haven't been informed about it. Which brings us neatly back to what Ken wrote all those years ago: 'Success or failure depends on your involvement...' If you want us to cover something that you think would be of interest to others in the town, get in touch, or better still, write a piece yourself and send it to, with your name and address (we won’t publish your address); and if you feel the paper ignores your section of the community, again, let us know. Send us an email. We have a letters section in every issue waiting to be filled.

We are all part of Callander - and this is our community's newspaper.

The Ben Ledi View is an independent voice for residents and organisations in Callander. It is not affiliated to the local Community Council or Development Trust and seeks to reflect the views of all Callander's residents.


If you have an idea for a regular column, or a one-off article or want to send in a letter or announcement, then please take note of the editorial deadline dates below and submit your idea or piece by that date, by emailing it to

It helps if you put the name of your article in the title of your email.

If you are unable to email us then take your article to the Callander Library in South Church St.

Please note: if you wish to put a personal message in the BLV, we need your name, address and phone number (we will only print your name) with your message.

There is a small charge  (£5) which must be paid in advance, so please leave a cheque with your message at the library or send a cheque to:

McLaren Community Centre, Mollands Rd, Callander FK17 8JP

(cheques payable to the Ben Ledi View Community Newspaper SCIO). Thank you.

2014 editorial deadlines

February issue 2014 - 21st January 2014

March issue 2014 - 18th February 2014

April issue 2014 - 18th March 2014

May issue 2014 - 15th April 2014

June issue 2014 - 20th May 2014

July / August issue 2014 - 17th June 2014

September issue 2014 - 19th August 2014

October issue 2014 - 16th September 2014

November issue 2014 - 21st October 2014

December / January issue 2014 / 2015 -  18th November 2014

February issue 2015 - 20th January 2015

Our team

How to volunteer with the BLV community newspaper

The BLV is run entirely by volunteers and we are always looking for more help.

If you have some spare time and would like to volunteer to help the BLV, please get in touch with the Convenor of the Ben Ledi View Community Newspaper, Alex Mitchell, by emailing him at or completing the contact form.

We need volunteers to help with the advertising and chasing up payments and we need volunteers to help with producing the newspaper, both adverts and articles. We always welcome new delivery girls and boys, whatever your age or if you want to become a regular correspondent or take photographs, then please get on touch.

The team consists of people of all ages, some working, some retired and from different backgrounds, covering a variety of skills  - we are a friendly bunch who try very hard to work together and share our knowledge and experience. So please join us if you can.

Contact us online

Please get in touch with us by using the form below (you may upload a pdf only) or see our full contact details here