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Welcome to Ben Ledi View community newspaper

Founded in 1987, the Ben Ledi View is a free community newspaper produced and distributed by volunteers for the benefit and enjoyment of residents of and visitors to Callander in Perthshire, Scotland, UK. It is named after Ben Ledi, the 867m hill that towers over the town.

Produced in Callander by Callander for Callander, the BLV has undergone several facelifts over the years, and Callander's incorporation into the National Park necessitated a broadening of the editorial remit. Since the early days, Callander has grown and the community has become increasingly diverse. Nevertheless, those aims set out in the first issue remain as close to our hearts as ever. We are committed to equality and the paper exists to disseminate information about community-related news, concerns and events fairly, without discrimination on grounds of age, race, colour, creed, gender, disability or orientation.

We are all part of Callander - and this is our community's newspaper.

The Ben Ledi View is an independent voice for residents and organisations in Callander. It is not affiliated to the local Community Council or Development Trust and seeks to reflect the views of all Callander's residents.

Latest News

2015 saw us winning Community Newspaper of the Year competition, awarded by the Stirling Community Newspaper Forum.

Photo of award plus some of the team


We ran a very successful recruitment campaign and are now busy training up our new volunteers. Thank you to everyone who contacted us…but we always need more!


The next issue of the BLV is published on Friday 2nd October - look out for your copy. We hope you enjoy reading it.